Posted by: Roo | May 3, 2008

Spam I Am! Spam Jam in Waikiki…

Get ready for Spam-erific celebration!!! While many people have heard that Spam (by Hormel Foods) is popular in Hawaii, some of you may be shocked to know they have huge festivals surrounding the gelatinous meat substance!! Yes, that’s right! Loosen your belt and head over to Hawaii to bow down to the tasty treat, Spam! This year on May 3rd Hawaii will be celebrating the 6th annual Waikiki Spam Jam. Not only is there music, dancing, lots of food (i.e. Spam), and fun, but this festival also benefits the Hawaiian Food Bank. People donate all kinds of canned goods and money to help the needy in Hawaii.

Introduced during WWII, Spam is so popular in Hawaii that now you can order it from your favorite menus at McDonald’s and Burger King! Crazy huh! They even have a sushi-style way to devour Spam, called musubi! At the second annual Spam Jam they had an amazing 313 foot musubi which required more than 275 pounds of rice, 1,650 slices of Spam and 600 feet of the dried seaweed called nori. What a way to start a party!! You can even compete to be Mr. or Ms. Spam and win a year supply of Spam and $1000!

So get ready and make your plans to visit Hawaii and celebrate with the locals for the 6th annual Waikiki Spam Jam! With all the different way to serve it up, there is always room for Spam!


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