Posted by: NJ | June 1, 2008

Best Family Car for Hawaii! Don’t forget the “Date Car”!!!

So you’re “moving to Hawaii!” And you’re wondering, “What are the ideal cars for Hawaii?” After all you have a family or maybe you don’t. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, but we all want at least an opinion on what we should be thinking about. I have compiled a group of photos to help with the visual side and some of my explanations on why I think these are the best choices for Hawaii.

Each family usually has 2 vehicles, One for hauling everyone altogether, and the second for well, the bread winner to drive to work and also be used for the date night car. (if you’re married)

Versatile For the family car I choose the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. It is full size, offers plenty of storage space in the back, will get you anywhere on Hawaii and best of all it can become completely convertible. The Jeep Wrangler offers you the ability to go virtually anywhere in Hawaii. Many beaches are off the beaten path and are not accessible unless on foot or in a capable 4X4 vehicle. The Jeep offers plenty of clearance so going anywhere is a reality for this versatile family hauler. The new five door jeep comes with the soft-top and you can pay extra for the hardtop which is also very versatile. The hardtop may be better for those families that have infants or smaller children who don’t like the windJeep with Hardtop blowing in there faces. With the hardtop, as seen in the photo, you can remove two panels above the driver and passenger areas to make a large open space. For those die-hard convertible/nature lovers you can remove the doors as well and be completely open to the elements. Did I mention the turning radius is amazing in this Jeep, which is a big deal for the smaller streets and confined parking garages you will find in the city areas. This vehicle is priced extremely well and offers so much utility and creature comforts. Even A/C…

Versatile Storage SpaceGo anywhere on HawaiiNote: If you’re single and don’t want the large Wrangler go with the two door for the same off-road capabilities.

Now for the 2nd Car, the “DATE CAR”

So now that we’ve covered the all important and family car we can move on to some options for enjoying your commute to work, enjoying the weekend drives, going on your monthly, I mean bi-weekly, uh.. you know what I mean, date night! Whenever that is for you and your significant other its always nice to drive around and arrive in style. There’s no better place to own a convertible than where the sun shines all year round. As long as you don’t mind the envious eyes of other drivers burning wholes in the side of your head you will always enjoy the free feeling of having the top down and the wind in your hair. I have expensive taste and have mostly included the higher end options for convertibles, but I did include the Chrysler Sebring Convertible for the more economy minded folks. Lets start with the 4-5 seater (practical) Convertibles.

9-3 Saab Convertible The Saab 9-3 is an elegant looking, but not too flashy convertible that is engineered by airplane engineers. (Why that is a good thing for a car, I don’t know) But that’s what there commercial says. I like this car because it offers a smooth, clean and elegant look. This car has a soft-top.

The finest by AudiThe next is the amazing quattro system Audi A4/S4 offers in this beautiful design and “I’m coming to get you” look the front grill gives. The vehicle in this particular photo is a S4which is a more sport tuned version of the A4. This car screams class, and if it does rain than you have the benefit of the road gripping all wheel drive system (Quattro). Audi is a real inivator when it comes to getting power out of its power plants. I believe the S4 now comes in a 4.2 liter V8. Not great for gas mileage, but fun fun fun… You can get the A4 Cabrio in a V6 and a 2.0 turbo I believe…

BMW 335I Convertible

My personal favorite, the 335I BMW Convertible. This car has a inline six cylinder engine with two small turbo’s that give this baby the power of a V8 while maintaining the fuel efficiency of a V6. Everyone knows a BMW with the beautiful and sporty lines that the BMW heritage is always sure to incorporate into the designs. Nothing drives like a BMW. There are two BMW’s sold for every one Mercedes sold in the United States. That should tell you something. If you haven’t driven a BMW I urge you to go to your local dealer and take a test drive. You don’t know what you’re missing. This 3-series comes with a retractable hard-top. (Best of both worlds)

The 2008 Chrysler Sebring has uped the anty this year by offering a retractable hard-top. The Sebring is much more affordable than the vehicles listed above and offers a great array of features, but will never match the driving dynamics of those featured above it. This is an American past time for bringing the convertible to the people, you can always go on and find a used Sebring within reach of almost anyone price wise. If the more expensive foreign counter parts are out of your budget then I would consider the Sebring.

Hard-top VW convertibleAnother option for the price conscience is the new VW Eos. Not cheap, but within reach. Also the resale on the VW Eos is almost better than some of the luxury convertibles listed earlier.

I’m going to briefly list Three 2 seater roadsters for those who don’t have kids. There’s nothing like a roadster with the top down. The vehicle molds with your body and you feel like you can take any corner at MOCK 5. Among the photos is the BMW Z4, the Mercedes Benz SLK series, and the Audi TT. All three of these are goodies. Any man, or woman for that matter, who drives one of these is in for some serious fun and satisfaction.

Kickbutt Roadster, Z4 BMWFun Roadster SLK series



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